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World War Three

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Author Topic: World War Three  (Read 47 times)
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« on: March 28, 2009, 12:22:39 pm »

Welcome to the year 2017, technology is mostly the same as it was seven years ago, the only real difference being the proximity towards advanced weaponry and such, but even there, the change is minimal. For the most part, people have been laughing at those who believed that December 21, 2012, would be the end of the world. Of course, if the prediction was interpereted correctly, they'd find that it was correct, albeit on a much smaller scale. The main impact that happened this day, was the delayed results of the 2012 election in the United States of America. The results were so amazing, that a recount was demanded, then a revote, and after many lawsuits later, a victor was decided. America had its first independent president since George Washington. That man, was none other than...

Barrack Obama's stimulus plan had failed, and the economy had further spiraled down into despair. He did America some good politically, the country became in much better standings with many. Obama, knowing that he could not help the economy, turned towards helping the less fortunate. His volunteer act had a great impact, and was known as the best decision in his term. America became a better place to live in, exception of course being the economy. Obama had succeeded in helping many third world countries rise up and get a fresh start, and rising up to a better standing. Domestic violence had ceased, and for a time, the majority of the world had no problems, exception still being the despairing economy. However, despite all that he had done for the world, Barrack Obama was not going to be reelected. He recognized that what the world needed was to climb out of this economic depression, and he could not do that, no matter how hard he tried. So, he chose not to run for office. In his final State of the Union speech in 2012 when he announced this, he urged the American people to vote for a person with a sound economic plan, for he believed that this was what the world needed. And so, they chose.

In a landslide victory, the up and coming new president, came into office. He was none other than, Stephen Colbert. His message reverberated across the country, and people believed in it. With his vice president, Arnold Schwarzenegger, they took the White House by storm. Stephen was quick to appoint Obama as his Secretary of State, and the three quickly began working to rebuild the economy. Colbert completely changed the tax set up, had the driving age lowered, and increased minimum wage. He made America more self-sufficient, and goods were distributed throughout the world. With Obama and Schwarzenegger negotiating, taxes were lowered upon American goods, and trade improved greatly. America became a powerhouse, quickly surpassing all others. Colbert didn't just improve America, he had American businesses start manufacturing abroad. Factories were built in Africa, Mexico, South America, and many other third world, or recently third world countries. Colbert had done much more than the Constitution allowed him, but the outcome of his actions were more than worth it.

However, tensions had risen greatly. America grew, and greatly aided many countries that were having trouble. But many of the larger countries grew envious of America's triumphs. They wanted to grow too. Through the great negotiating skills of Obama, some had taken similar steps that Colbert had made, and America remained in their good graces. But others, mostly in Asia, had refused to take Colbert's steps. Many in Asia had suffered because many businesses had moved out of their lands. They still had enough to function, but they still didn't have as much as they used to have. They disliked their lack of a monopoly. Not all were like this, some were content, and wished to make their country a better place, but others, others were stubborn and wanted nothing to do with America. Tensions had hightened, and lines were drawn, governments were overthrown and dictatorships had risen in their place. Stephen Colbert was reelected almost unanimously, but this time, he would have to deal with much other problems. Other things were now having problems, and it wasn't just the entertainment industry from the lack of the Colbert Report (by the way, John Oliver got his own show to replace the Colbert Report when Stephen was elected). It was a new world, and it would be difficult to deal with.

Character Sheet:

Country: (One that currently exists or something new.)
Form of Government: (Pretty straightforward, how your government is set up.)
Name/Title: (Your leader, and what their title in the government is)
Basic Info: (Wikipedia is a good source for this. I want real info, like military size, capital, nuclear weapons program, etc.)
International Groups: (Which ones your country is a part of. i.e. UN.)
Close Allies: (Your nations strongest allies, just don't put too much.)
Secret Weapon: (PM this to me. Something that you make up.)
History: (What has happened since 2009 and 2017 to put your government in place.)

The only restriction is that you cannot be America. The action that sets this whole thing off will be determined by me when I get enough people. I am looking for volunteers to be one the sides of the conflict. Whether that is two, three, or four of you. Basic RP rules apply. I will not be playing as my own nation, but as the NPC ones. For the most part, the players will be determining the events of this game. I will merely dictate the results. If you have any questions, ask.

Concept is credited to Guvnorium.
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