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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Wii)

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Author Topic: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Wii)  (Read 167 times)
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« on: March 24, 2009, 04:36:27 pm »

Stealthkill's review for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Wii. (Yes, Yahtzee already reviewed it, so what? This board needs something in it, and Pankey hasn't reviewed anything lately.)

I recently got a Wii for Christmas, and with it I got SW:TFU. I ripped through the game quickly, and I have decided to do a short review on the game for the benefit of anybody still trying to decide whether or not to buy this title. I realize that some people may have different views than I do, and I accept those views, unless they are portrayed in an appropriate manner. That means no flaming. I am open for criticism towards myself regarding my writing ability. As it is a possible career path for myself. That being said, I will move on to the review.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed takes place between Episodes III and IV. The main character, known only by his codename, Starkiller, is the secret apprentice of Darth Vader. Vader sends you on missions across the galaxy, so that you may complete your training in the ways of the Sith and proceed to overthrow the Emperor. The combat is plentiful in these missions. This could just be the fact that I am new to the Wii console, but the controls were a bit difficult for me to adapt to. Once I did however, the game became much easier and more enjoyable as a whole.

The use of the Force in the game is exemplary. I personally find it to be the game that utilizes the Force the best. There are many combinations of attacks that lead to the Force being used more diversely than any other game to date. I found the ability to use two handed lightning to be exhilarating, and being able to impale people with my lightsaber was another one of my favorite moves. You can do everything from the basic, yet effective, Force Push, to launching a ball of electricity that hunts down your opponent. The finishing moves on bosses were enjoyable, but I would have like some diversification in the swordlock moves. No game gives you more use of the Force than The Force Unleashed, and that fact makes it worth buying all in its own in my opinion.

As for the graphics, theyíre not the best, but they are bearable. Keep in mind however, this is for the Wii. The movement of the characters is a bit stiff to me, and the mouths donít move very well. However, the Wii console is not best known for its graphics. Honestly, if your biggest problem with this game is that the graphics are not comparable to that of Call of Duty, then youíre doing pretty well.

The bulk of the game was very repetitive however, and each mission went the same way. Although the levels were repetitive, I found the plot line to be well-written after the first big twist. The game was able to keep me intrigued and desire more from it. The extras that are found in the levels provide a replay value bonus, but there is one downfall from them. After you beat a level, you canít return to it until your next play through. If you were able to replay a mission so you could find the hidden extras, the game would work much better. Difficulty settings could also have been thrown in to keep the gamer interested in the game. I do believe that these exist on the Xbox 360 version. Another thing is that when you die, and respawn at the last checkpoint, the enemies you killed donít respawn, lowering the difficulty. While this will help some gamers, it will bore others. This could be rectified by omitting that benefit in a higher difficulty level.

The only multiplayer in this game is a lightsaber duel where you can choose a character, unlocked through story mode, and battle against one of your friends. The characters come complete with stats that you can judge and use to reflect your playing style. This isnít that eventful, and this isnít the game to go to for if you want great multiplayer. If so, get Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

In conclusion, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a must buy for all Star Wars fans. Despite the repetitiveness of the missions, the eventful storyline makes up for it.
Once you beat the game there isnít much left to do besides collect the extras in however many playthroughs it takes. Multiplayer is somewhat dull and not the main focus of this game. All in all, SW: TFU greatly raised the bar for how to instill the Force into a video game, and is one of the better Star Wars games out there.

Iíd just like to point out that this review only applies to the Wii version. I think that there might be some differences between this version and the Xbox 360 version. I downloaded the demo for this game on my Xbox and there were difficulty settings on it, and the finishing move on the AT-ST was different. I welcome other peopleís views on the game as long as they are said appropriately, and any differences between the Wii version and that of it on other consoles are appreciated.
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