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Character Making Tutorial

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Author Topic: Character Making Tutorial  (Read 1067 times)
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« on: March 22, 2009, 04:26:32 pm »

I'm considering making an example of a totally badass sheet, just to show people who don't know how it's done.
I'm just copy pasting one I made for FSM.

Joseph Garrel

Physical Description:
Joseph is a broad and strong man. Despite the fact that he is in his early fifties, it doesn't impact his well-being at all. Joseph isn't as healthy and strong as he was when he was in his twenties, he's healthier. Age has no hold on the vitality of Joseph Garrel. Joseph is strong, and well muscled from years of experience as an engineer. Standing tall at 6'3", and weighing in just under 200 pounds, it's obvious that he is stong and powerful, not somebody to be trifled with. One would think that with his build and form that he would be the leader, or a machinegunner, or something similar, but no, Joseph is an engineer, and a damn good one at that. Despite his bulkiness, he is still able to take on the hardest of engineering jobs. He is a master at his craft. Obviously, Joseph's strengths have helped him greatly as an engineer, as he can easily manage the parts that he has without mechanical support. The only help he needs are from his power tools. And even at that...

Joseph's dark black skin and crew cut hair work with his shape to create the image of a strong and fearless soldier. And also one of not wanting to be messed with. His imposing form is completed by his face. His mouth is typically in a half snarl, unimpressed by the world. His nose is wrinkled in accordance to his mouth, and the nostrils of it are occasionally flaring. His eyes, his eyes are either focused intently upon something, or have been encompassed by a wild and frenzied look. Unforgiving. Untamed. Joseph's general expression is either with scrutiny, anger, or intense focus. As per the armies protocol, Joseph is clean shaven, not letting any facial hair get in his way. It's not Joseph's favorite policy, but he understands the rational behind it and has complied accordingly. Although his face does tend to get scruffy if he doesn't shave in a few days.

Joseph's personality is generally one of three things. He either is angry, silent, or a leader. Joseph does not take well to annoyances, and will become frustrated with them. Whether they be difficulties with a repair job, while he is building a tool, or an irritating comrade, Joseph doesn't take kindly to it. Joseph doesn't ignore the problem, he fixes the problem. The method of such fixing varies for each situation. Joseph doesn't get angry often, but when he does, it is not a pretty sight. One has to do something pretty bad to **** him off, and they usually regret it. They regret it alot. Joseph is not somebody that one would want to have angry at them, especially considering his size and strength. He could do some serious damage to a person or object. If the agitator happens to be an object, then he works harder at fixing it. His repair job becomes more brutal, more effective and faster, but more brutal. Much more brutal. If it were a sentient being, then he would surely be jailed for his actions.

Normally, Joseph acts as the quiet veteran. He silently works at his repairments. He is silent as he walks, as he works, as he acts. Speaking does not play a large part in his life. Joseph focuses less on speaking and more on working, and accomplishing. Getting things done is most important thing to Joseph, especially getting them done well. Joseph believes that talking would deviate focus from his job, and lessen the quality. To Joseph, that is unacceptable. Joseph's has a philosophy, if it's not completed with your best effort, then it might as well not be done at all. When people talk to him, he tends not to respond most of the time. And when he does, the answers are brief and to the point, not really elaborating on anything. He tries to give the impression that he doesn't want to talk to somebody, although that point doesn't always get across. Mostly, he wants to just get his work done and be let be. However, deep down, Joseph is a kindhearted fellow, although that quality has been suppressed by events in his life.

But aside from his raging furies, there is one other time when Joseph often speaks. When he is acting like a leader. It's part of the veteran package you see. Joseph can be a strong leader, and an effective one. He does so effectively when leading a team of repairmen. Joseph has always been capable of effectively leading others, as most are afraid of disobeying him. Joseph's perfectionist nature creates a bit of a burden among those he leads, but normally, this burden has positive consequences. When Joseph is being led, he will put in his two cents, but normally he treats his commanding officer with the same respect he would expect from his charges. Joseph views it as a circle, respecting your commander causes your commander to respect you, and vice versa. Even when Joseph knows that he could do a better job of being a leader, he still complies and respects the leader. Mostly it is because Joseph believes that doing so will give his say more leverage in the mind of the commanding officer, so that the squad will become a more effective unit.

Joseph Garrel was born into a family of the lower-middle class. They were had enough money to get by, but they weren't buying any fancy plasma screen TVs anytime soon. The Garrel's were all big and strong, and they had been for a long time. He was the second of five in his family. In fact, at 6'3", Joseph was the runt of the family. Amazing as it is, he was. His father was working in a construction company, and his mom worked at the ticket booth at Broadway. Neither of them were college educated. Both of his parents were good-hearted folk, and were very friendly. Because of that, many people gave the family money to support themselves with, although a good portion of that money was then in turn given to others worse off than the Garrel's were. They were good people, and well-liked. They made sacrifices, but they got through them.

Of course, this didn't last long. Shortly after Joseph was born, his father was recruited into the military, and shipped out to Vietnam. The family took a real blow from it. After some talks with the construction company, they came to an agreement where the Garrels would receive a small percentage of Mr. Garrel's paycheck while he was serving overseas. But even then, Joseph's mom had to work overtime and get a second job to support the family. Times were tough for the Garrels. But then, the bad news came. Joseph's dad had died. He had but a month left before returning home. Joseph was only a toddler, but it the tragedy still reverberated throughout his mind and warped it. Joseph had changed forever. No longer was he to be a happy go lucky guy in his future. No. He would become a hardened, serious, and silent man.

No event in Joseph's childhood was able to shake that off. None. Joseph did pretty well in school. He always focused on his schoolwork to keep his mind off of his father, developing his perfectionist nature. But as an unfortunate side-effect, he developed much internal unrest, and when let loose, his temper would be revealed. It was during his schooltime years that Joseph found something that he greatly enjoyed. The art of mechanics. It got his mind off of his father's fate, and he was very good at it. Instead of going to all of the great colleges offering him scholarships, Joseph applied to an engineering trade school. There, he proved to be better than many others there. He ended up graduating at top of his class. But it wasn't two months after he was hired as an auto-mechanic in a local shop that he heard some more bad news. After years of grief and hardship, his mother had died.

But this time, Joseph wasn't hit as hard as last time. He shut it out. Slowly, he lost contact with his siblings, until he reached the point that there was no way for him to find them. They could be dead, or in space, or gang leaders, and Joseph wouldn't know. Joseph was busy becoming a very accomplished mechanic, and he was doing it fast. He was the top mechanic in the shop that he worked at, and was attracting attention from many of the bigger industrial companies, who all wanted him to come help them create new products to sell. Joseph's life was going pretty good. But like everything in Joseph's life, it wouldn't last very long. As a memorial to his father, Joseph had signed up in the Army Reserves, and he had long forgotten about it. What an awakening when the call came to have him come serve the army. Joseph was afraid that signing up was the biggest mistake of his life.

Joseph was enlisted as an army engineer, and after excelling in his gunmanship training (He had alot of practice with a nail gun), Joseph was shipped out for active duty. One could go on and on about Joseph's military career, he was very successful and had man accomplishments. The remarkable events were numerous. There was the time when he met his nephew, when he got the Medal of Honor, and of course, all of the innovations that he had made. Joseph was a highly decorated member of the United States Army, and a natural choice for Alpha Wolf Team. Even though Joseph didn't have to stay in the Army as long as he has, he stayed because he wants to. His job is to serve his country as best as he could now, and he wasn't going to leave that job until it was finished.
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