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Son of a god: Tales of the namless boy. (0/6)

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Author Topic: Son of a god: Tales of the namless boy. (0/6)  (Read 218 times)
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« on: March 25, 2009, 05:59:51 am »

A long, long time ago, in a universe much different then ours, there was a world known as Malak. This world was watched over by the gods. There were weaker and stronger god, And there were the Over-Deities, the strongest of the gods. They were Boccob, The God Of Magic. Corellon Larethian, The God of Elves. Ehlonna: the Goddess of Woodlands. Erythnul: The God of Slaughter. Fahrlanghn: The God of Roads. Garl Glittergold: God of Gnomes. Gruumsh: Chief God of the Orcs. Heironeous: God of Valor, half brother of Hextor. Hextor: God of Tyranny. Kord: God of Strength. Lucernous: God of The Underworld. Moradin: God of Dwarves. Mephisto: God of Hatred. Nerull: God of Death. Obad-Hai: God of Nature. Olidimmara: God of Rouges. Pelor: God of the SUN! St. Cuthbert: God of retribution. Vecna: God of Secrets. Wee Jas: Goddess of Death and Magic. And Yondailla: Goddess of the Halflings. This world had five continents. Egruia, the land of the elves. Falfur, land of deserts. Morningfall, the eastern land. Sunnyvale, the western land. And Maridia, the biggest of the five continents, known as the Land of Adventurers. A great land, where anything could happen. A melting pot of races and mentalities, a land where a man could gain a fortune and lose it in the same day. This land was divided into countries. One of these countries was knwon as Alchon.

In the small country of alchon, there was a small farm. This farm was run by only two people, the farmer Alen, and his daughter Chara. Chara was a girl of unmatched beauty, the envy of the other girls, and the object of lust for all the boys. She never really liked any of the boys. One day, while wandering in the woods, she saw a young man. She instanly fell in love. with the boy, and asked his name. The boy was about 16, he was skinny, he ha pale skin and dakr black hair. He seemed shy, and he could barely speak to Chara, not to mention his eyes seemed to stray to her chest more often then he might have liked, but he swallowed hard, and said "I...I'm Luke. Luke Ernus." Luke and Chara fell deeply in love that day, to the dissmay of all the boys of her village, and to the joy of all the girls. They spent a whole years together, but Luke mysteriously dissappeared. Seven months later, Chara gave birth. She died during the delivery, and her boy seemed odd to the midwife. The she saw something odd. The boy had a scar of his neck in the shape of a skull. The symbol of Lucernous. It didn't take long for the word to spread: Luke had been a god. The boy was raised for tne years, and then left the village.

The boy had never been named. No one DARED name the son of a god. So the boy left the village, and wandered for a year in the wild, slowly discovering the extent of his powers. He soon relized he need to talk to his father, learn more about his power, his heiritage, his Father. So, he found his way to somewhere he KNEW he could get help. The Turning Point. A small town where hundreds of adventurer's might pass through in a day, for the lowliest rouge, to the mighties paladin, and everywhere inbetween. Some famous Demi-Gods were even know to frequent the place. He knew he could find help for his quest here. So, he set off to the tavern, and he knew he would soon have the help he needed.

So, YOU guys are the adventuerers that The Boy gets together.


Name: Firsty McLastname. Pretty clear. If it's spelled weird, please provide pronounciation.

Race: Almost ANY race. Almost. I will post and tell you if yours is unacceptable. Please explain ones that are weird or made up. Also, explain any power your race might have.

Class/Abilities: This is what your character would say if someone asked "What's your title?" Also list special skills here.

Morality: First word: Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic. Second word Good, Neutral, Evil. If both are Neutral, it's "True Neutral".

Religion: Pick a god, or make up a minor god for yourself. be crative. A list of gods is below.

Family: Your existing family.

Relationship status: Yeah.

Appearence: At least four sentences about your characters looks. Clothes and Armor included. Please add magical armor or clothing here.

Personality: Are you a nice young boy, or a raving Bi-atch? An abusive boyfriend, or a loving young girl? Three senytence minimum about your personality. Also add any special mental issues.

Weapon(s): Your weapons. The fact that you're even reading this for an explintion is just sad.

Items: List any special or magic items, anything that is important to your character, be it a magic crystal, or a family heirloom.

Fears/Weaknesses: Any fears or weaknesses your chracter might have. No minimum, but try for at least one.

Misc: Anything else, you want to add.


1) "Talking in quotes", Thoughts in italics, and actions and such in normal text. (Oh, and OOC in parenthesies.)
2) DM's word is LAW! But, if I make a mistake, point it out.
3)There is a two full line minimum for EVERY POST.
4)You CAN do whatever you want, but there WILL be consequences for your actions.
5) Obey rule 5.

My character:

Name: The Nameless Boy. He goes by the name Tienby(TNB).

Race: Half-God, son of an unknown god. God Powers are unknown.

Class/Abilities: "I'm a bard."

Morality: First word: Chaotic Neutral.

Religion: Was raised in the wild, so doesn't really care what the gods think, he doesn't worship them.

Family: Your existing family.

Relationship status: Yeah.

Appearence: He is a small, slight boy, standing at about 5' tall, and weighing about 110lbs. He wears black clothes of a conservative nature, usually just a black shirt and black pants. Ha has very pale skin, dark raven black hair,  and dark, reddish eyes that seem to glow at night. He also carries a Lute on his back, and has a strange madalion around his neck, in the shape of half a skull.

Personality: He is a small, shy, quiet boy most of the time. Rarely, he will groq very angry, and he has been known to break things, and destroy things with what little magic he knows. He is also rather kind to people, most of the time.

Weapon(s): He carries a small dager, but nothing more.

Items: ghe has a small necklace that was said to have been given to him by his father, and a lute that is said tio be magic, although he doesn't know it's power.

Fears/Weaknesses: He has a horrible, almost crippling fear of Giants, particualrly the females. He also has lesser fears of hieghts, spiders, cats, bats, and ghosts.

Misc: He has a horrible hatred of Dwarves. He has the body of a ten year old, but is a large amount older, and does have the knowledge, and sexual urges, of a person of about 17.


The Domains are just basic representations of what the gods are associated with. They are as follows:

Boccob: The God Of Magic. Domains are Knowledge, Magic, and Trickery.

Corellon Larethain: The God of Elves. Domains are Chaos, Good, Protection, and war.

Ehllona: the Godess of Woodlands. Domains are Animals, Good, Plants, and the Sun.

Erythnul: The God of Slaughter. Domains are Chaos, Evil, Trickery, and War.

Fahrlanghn: The God of Roads. Domains are Luck, Protection, and Travel.

Garl Glittergold: God of Gnomes. Domains are Good, Protection, and Trickery.

Gruumsh: Chief God of the Orcs. Domains are Chaos, Evil, Strength and War.

Heironeous: God of Valor, half brother of Hextor. Good, Law, and War.

Hextor: God of Tyranny. Domains are Destruction, Evil, Law, and War.

Kord: God of Stregth. Domains are Chaos, Good, Luck, and Strength.

Lucernous: God of The Underworld. Domains are Death, Destuction, Choas, Evil, and Darkness.

Moradin: God of Dwarves. Domains are Earth, Good, Law, and Protection.

Mephisto: God of Hatred. Domains are Chaos, Evil, and Magic.

Nerull: God of Death. Domains are Death, Evil, and Trickery.

Obad-Hai: God of Nature. Domains are Air, Animals, Earth, Fire, Plants and Water.

Olidammara: God of Rouges. Domains are Chaos, Luck, and Trickery.

Pelor: God of the SUN! Domains are Good, Healing, Strength, and Sun.

St. Cuthbert: God of retribution. Domains are Destruction, Law, Protection, and Strength.

Vecna: God of Secrets. Domains are Evil, Knowledge, and Magic.

Wee Jas: Goddess of Death and Magic. Domains are Death, Law, and Magic.

Yondaila: Goddess of the Halflings. Domains are Good, Lawful, and Protection.

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Blind Fetus

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« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2009, 04:47:24 am »


Bravo, you made a better story, good job.

To the point where I can say, I'll join.

Give me some time to make a sheet. I'm slow, horribly slow.
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