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And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts-

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Author Topic: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts-  (Read 1243 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 29, 2009, 07:26:01 am »

Character Sheet:

Name: Jaki Solonoph

Sex: Female

Age: 82

Keyblade: Star Seeker

Drive Forms: (leave this empty for now; it will be explained when needed)

Appearance: Jaki is an Erephon (EH-reh-fon), or a 'Long-lady', the feminine form of Long-man in our common speech, a race of usually nature-dwelling humanoid beings. Erephons have traits of having one part of their body, commonly either the neck, one of the arms or feet, are significantly and extra-ordinarily longer or larger than the rest, as well as they are bestowed with a lasting lifespan as long as half of a millennium.As an Erephon, Jaki is bestowed with a left arm nearly as thick as a stump that longly reaches a few inches pass her knee.

Jaki is as young as a human adolescent nearing to her own maturity. She has a glorious wavy and darkened brown hair which, traditionally, she keeps braided with most layers into a single knot tightly like a rope, while the untied and loose remainders of her hair are left hanging wavily on her rosy cheeks and wide forehead. She has a flat nose, lushly-hooded eyes with blue pupils, and eyebrows rather thick while her lips are humble like a quiet rose, rather as if she seems like a silent person. She is as tall as a meter and another meter-half together, and she has a body rather slender, but not very slim like an hourglass lady. Her body is touched with the tone of darkened peach; brown dozed in a mix of light.

Like most of her kind with a single arm significantly larger than the other, she wears a special sleeveless blouse that requires to be buttoned at the back, and often she prefers those with cherry red textures, with her silked white skirt merged with transparent flower-like figures which is no longer till her knees. Her boots, a foot higher than her ankle, are made of brown softened bark - a faulty material during rainy weathers - and silk.

Personality: As she is trained like her siblings, technically, every Erephon dwelling in the same clan as her is considered a sibling, Jaki is supposedly a humble, straight-backed person; formal. Though this is true when around her more formal elders, in reality she is talkative and full of gossip, or at least she tends to as mild as she could without intentionally hurt them. She is calm, and not usually easily irritable, but when something that she fears threatens her to death, she screams her lungs out as if it was the end, like there was no tomorrow,  yet among most Long-ladies she knows, she would usually take the lead as well as taking the first step. She is indeed very friendly, not afraid to greet the person first unless she was told not to, and caring of her friends despite her gossips.

Personal History:

Significant Other: None; despite gossiping of how handsome few certain men of their clans are, no one of her age of her race are allowed in relationships till she reaches her lifespan of a hundred years.

Education: She as well as her sisters are being trained by their elders. Mainly of cosmic theories of their universe,

Occupation: Still in education.

Morality: Neutral Good

Interests/Hobbies: Thrill seeking, Paraphols (a sport of the Erephons wherein two teams pummel a ball with any part of their body and shoots it in a Goal-ring of the opposing team, with one for each team.),

Habits: Gossiping on everyone, though she gossips only to people she is close with.


Dislikes: Too much formalities,



Goals in Life:


Three Wishes:


Intro Post:

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