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And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts-

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Author Topic: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts-  (Read 1314 times)
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« on: April 25, 2009, 09:15:17 pm »

Name: Scott Wintergreen

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Keyblade: Tenebrex

Drive Forms:

Appearance: Scott is 6'2 and 170 giving him a normal looking figure.  His face is normal yet portrays a bit of mistrust. He has a bit of beard stubble growing in that matches his brown hair. Scott likes to keep his hair short with the front up a bit, he likes to give it a "just rolled out of bed" feeling. Scott has a pair of over the ear bose headphones that are always around his neck or on his ears. Scott has deep blue eyes that match the oceans where he grew up. Scott usually wears two shirt, a plain white under shirt, and a collar shirt with all the buttons left over. The button shirt is a very dark blue, with hawaiian style white trees all over it. His choice of shoe are blue, white, and black Asics, as they make him feel like he's walking on air. Scott's fairly  tan and keeps himself clean shaven. Scott wears jeans that are a dark navy in color while just a big baggy.

Personality: Scott is laid back. Anything that can be put off should, and will be put off... Unless of course it's something he likes doing. Scott normally speaks in slang, but under extreme circumstances or when he's making fun of someone, he will speak in perfect english. Scott loves listening to music through his headphones, and when they're not on his ears they are around his neck turned up to a volume so that while he can hear the others around him, he can still hear his music. He will often sing along to his music, or because of the style, rap along to it. People that **** off Scott usually end up from emotional scarring because of how absolutely brutal he can be when he wants too. Scott is often tired and his eye lids have a slight droop to theme that he often rubs to try and wake himself up. Scott is a flirt with just about any girl he thinks is hot.

Personal History: Scott grew up in a urban environment. He grew up a normal city kid life, having two parents, neither of them really home all the time because of work and other things. He went to school and graduated high-school. During which, unlike other kids, Scott started a DJ company with a few friends. At first, they were only being booked at small parties, nothing vert big, extravagant or well paying. Then came their lucky break, while wandering around one day, Scott and co found an abandoned warehouse where they decided to host their own major party, charging money to get in of course. Over the next few weeks, they kept the same routine eventually buying the warehouse in the company's name. Finally, they could actually renovate that place and make it into a real club, which had been their ambitions at the start of the company. The parties kept happening, eventually charging more, and being able to serve cheap drinks at it. This cycle of hosting the parties and renovating the club went on until it was considered one of the night "hot spots." They had decided to name the club 7's, because their were seven of them, it symbolized luck, and thats what they had been. Even as a founding member, one of Scott's favorite things to do is to DJ for the club at night sometimes. Scott normally over-sees the running of their current club while his friends take care of the other aspects of the business, though they all do hangout every weekend in their executive area in 7's.

Significant Other: None as of current

Education: High-School

Occupation: Found member and DJ at the club know as 7's

Morality: True Neutral. To Scott, the end's justify the means, always.

Interests/Hobbies: Music, DJ'ing

Habits: Saying the words to a song that matches the occasion

Likes: Music, Being a DJ, playing Basketball, chilling.

Dislikes: Bad Music, anyone who wakes him up while he's trying to sleep. Obnoxious people who just won't chill...

Fears/Phobias: Silence.... It's true though... Scott is so used to having music surround him that even when he goes to bed, he puts on a specialized play list on his I-pod. When the music and sound totally stops, Scott feels awkward, out of place, and starts getting nervous.

Talents: Being a DJ, also he is a natural athlete.

Goals in Life: Keep 7's going because that's his joint.

Motivation: To keep 7's going.

Three Wishes: Being at an End-less party. Getting paid to party... Oh wait... He already does, and have Megan Fox whenever he wants.

Misc.: His favorite food is french fries.

Intro Post: The sneakers squeaking on the court sounded as though they could be heard miles away. Each single squeak cut straight to the inner ear of each person on the court. This irritant wasn't helped at all by the sun beating down hot as ever on those who were playing. It was three on three, shirts against skins, and Scott happened to be on the skins. They were up by two, not that any one was actually counting score, it felt good to play without any real seriousness. He and his other two team-mates huddled together quickly, it didn't really matter as the other team was doing the same thing, thinking of the next team dunk they would attempt. "All right, what's the deal?" Scott said smiling even though all three of them were heavily panting, as were the three guys on the other team. "This is gonna have to be our last one, I gotta go soon." Kevin said next to him. Their third, Jake, who was their so called team captain, looked very serious as he said, "Either of you ever play NBA street?" Scott and Kevin both looked at each other, smiling as they knew what Jake had in mind, "Let's do it." They said together before breaking the huddle.
Scott moved down the court dribbling the ball, the three guys on the other team were playing a loose defense, evidently too tired to put in the same effort as all of them had put in earlier. Scott didn't blame them, he doubted he could do much better in this heat. Not the time, ran through Scott's mind as he began the elaborate play. It worked beautifully, Scott faked right, threw the ball against the backboard as a pass to Kevin. Kevin then spiked the ball through his legs to Jake, who caught it perfectly, took the boost off Kevin's back and dunked the ball. As they were celebrating the success of an elaborate while walking off the court, Scott remembered that he had left his shirt as well as the rest of his belongings. "I'll catch up with you guys in a minute." He said starting to jog back across the court where he left his shirt, cell-phone and car keys. He retrieved his belongings and then looked up at the sky, "beautiful day," he said under his breath, his eyes lost in the blue with white cloud streaks that made up the sky for the day. He shook his head and began walking back, noticing that his friends had already left without him.
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