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And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts-

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Author Topic: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts-  (Read 1761 times)
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« on: April 25, 2009, 03:12:38 pm »

Name: Christina “Tina” Mammu

Sex: Female

Age:  22

Keyblade: Sleeping Lion

Drive Forms:

Appearance: Tina is a woman with a fairly average height of around 5’ 7”. Her body build is slim but extremely toned. To look at her is to see a warrior born and bred. Her skin is a mocha colour due to the harsh climate of the Arada Desert in which her people live. To match her mocha skin she has dark brown eyes and hair as black as the devils heart. Her body currently carries few scars despite the intense war she previously fought in. One noticeable blemish however is a deep cut across her left thigh from her duel with Jederia. The scar shall never heal nor dissipate due to the magical power of the wielder and the weapon used to inflict the wound.

Despite the burning, hot heat which permeates the Arada Desert Tina tends to dress in entirely black. She wears a battle dress; which consists of a light leather jacket stitched onto a Myrr garment, which covers the majority of the upper body leaving only a fraction of the breast area showing and cuts off at the shoulders, alongside a    short skirt which cuts off at the knees that is almost attached to her skin due to nature of the material used. Because of the material and craftsmanship in the “costume” Christina is protected to the same degree as if she wore heavy leather armour while suffering no weight disadvantages whatsoever, the clothes are essentially to be clichéd as light as a feather. To accompany this on each of her wrists she wears a gold bangle, imbedded with a blue sapphire, her personal gem, on top of black fur gloves with each of the finger slots curved into a cat like claw. On her feet she wears onyx black fur boots, again imbedded with a sapphire and with cat paw decoration around the toe area. Due to recent circumstances in the Kingdom of Albion, Christina has had to resort to using an alter-ego when travelling across the majority of the realm. In order to hide her identity she can be frequently seen wearing a cat mask which covers her forehead with a pitch black cat mask but conceals all below the eyes with a veil. While wearing the mask Christina is feared among the criminal syndicates and cults and has earned the moniker of “The Black Cat” due to her attire as well as her nature of appearing from the rooftops and disappearing almost instantly after dispatching the criminals from this plane.

Personality: Christina is intelligent, calm in battle, and always prepared for the worst. Growing up in the Arada Desert has taught her to survive on the absolute minimal amount of sustenance required. This has given her a strong resolve and made her an almost cold and calculated individual. However her personality is in a mess due to the many influences in her life including the hero Sam, her father and the trauma she experienced during her imprisonment. While communicating with people in general she will display a happy go lucky care free attitude. She possesses a strong sense of good and evil and has the naïve belief that good will always triumph at the end of the day. However once she enters combat and starts to fight for her life her mind instantly becomes a tactical masterpiece. Able to anticipate almost all of her opponent’s moves and using her cunning techniques and natural agility Christina is truly a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Personal History: Pre-Chaos War History: Born in the quiet town of Hulundar in the heart of the Arada Desert, Tina grew up as the daughter of the town’s mayor. She was loved by all in the small settlement and grew up as an adventurous and care free child. When Christina was 8 she was given her first sword and within a year had become one of the most accomplished duellists in Hulundar. 2 years later Hulundar was attacked by bandits and Christina aided in the defence of her home. Half of the houses had been burned to the ground when she was corned at the entrance to the town hall. As the leader climbed the steps to enter she felt a rush of power flow through her and the towns well behind him exploded sending a torrent of water into his back, the impact crushing his spine. The rest of the gang fled, petrified at this strange witch who had killed their leader with such ease. Christina was taken away by Imperial Sorcerers a few weeks later and for three long years she was tortured and bullied with the intention of convincing her to serve the Imperial Army.
     Eventually they gave up and left her to rot in a dark, damp cell at the top of their mystical tower. When she was 15 she was rescued by the young warrior Sam. He stormed the Sanctorial Citadel with his sword Zweihiender and a mastery of fire magic the Imperial Sorcerers didn’t stand a chance. Christina was instantly besotted with her rescuer however she found her advances rejected as he told her that his life was that of a loner and he would never look for her again. Angry, betrayed and heart broken Christina returned home to learn her father had been killed and the town was awaiting her return to lead them as he once had. Scared of authority and unwilling to sacrifice her freedom Christina washed her home out of existence using her magic, leaving no trace of the town’s existence. She then fled and took to exploring Albion, perfecting her fighting techniques and protecting endangered travellers.

Chaos War History: One year ago the Chaos War begun. Tzeer, Jederia, Foshar and Quetzla were simultaneously released from their most recent tombs, a plan masterminded by Tzeer himself through the use of the leader of the Imperial Sorcerers, a master of summoning magic and dark energy. The gods taint spread across the Kingdom and the King’s forces could do little to stop them. However at a timing most unusual the vigilante Sam appeared once more to his devoted admirer. Christina followed him into battle with the demons from the Netherworld and soon they had gathered a group of seven adventurers who together possessed the powers to defeat Chaos.
1.   Sam, a travelling swordsman with unnatural fire based magic. He carries the sword Zweihiender and a shield into battle.
2.   Abi, a princess of Albion and resident of the Lunatarian Villa. Abi is a mistress of air magic and fights with a Chinese blade.
3.   Karl, the commander of the Knights of Albion. Blessed with the power of geomancy and a fierce fighter with two huge great swords.
4.   Robert, a wandering mercenary who wields the deadly katana SungSong. He is a master of lightning and can use his powers to increase his speed and agility.
5.   Jade, Abi’s royal bodyguard and a master warrior with a polearm. Jade controls ice magic and has been known to entirely freeze a building she is trying to protect.
6.   Lauren, a member of the assassin’s guild in the south-eastern corner of the kingdom and a force to be reckoned with. Lauren was gifted with complete control over shadow magic, which accompanies her profession perfectly.
The seventh warrior was Christina and together they defeated the four chaos gods banishing them back into their tombs, including the mighty Tzeer who has supposedly been banished once and for all this time. Christina’s greatest accomplishment during the war was defeating the goddess Jederia in single combat allowing room for Sam to use the Solus Blade to kill her, allowing the Lunate Sages to seal her immortal soul away. The seven heroes became legends across the kingdom however as a final act of stupidity King Tyranus signed warrants for their deaths, with the exception of Karl and Robert who remained in Imperial service, and send a legion of bounty hunters and mercenaries after them.

Post-Chaos War History: In order to hide from Tyranus’ treachery Christina became a costumed vigilante, taking the persona “The Black Cat” she patrolled the roads of Albion defending those in need once more but this time as a wanted “criminal”. Her last memory of Sam was his departure on a journey of spiritual awareness and her memory is a fond one. She knows now that if she waits he will return to her so in preparation she strived to turn Albion into a kingdom worthy of him to rule, as would surely be the case on his return.

Significant Other: Christina has no significant other but she has bonded with Sam and believes that one day he will return to her. She listens desperately to the whispers of the beggars of Albion, waiting for the message concerning the return of the legendary warrior.

Education: Christina has had no formal education but is capable of reading and writing and is knowledgeable about her world and home.

Occupation: Vigilante

Morality: Christina would be seen a Good Neutral character. She is a hero, she saves the day. But it doesn’t mean she follows all the rules or all the laws. She does what she can with what she has and always strives to achieve the best results for everyone else around her.

Interests/Hobbies: Christina’s life is not entirely business. She does like to take the time to relax and enjoy pastimes such as gambling and reading.

Habits: Christina is a human with few habits. She tends to follow the same patrol routes every time she scouts the city, she will always have meat on a Tzeluh Night (Thursday for you Earth people) and will always visit the same Tavern known as, “The Ceiling Cat”. Reports come in from the tavern of numerous peeking Tom’s but the owner does little to stop these and will merely let the rumours pass by.

Likes: Sam, The Desert, Fruit, Cats

Dislikes: Abi, swimming, Tyranus and the Imperial Army

Fears/Phobias: Christina has but one fear; Sam will never return. With the defeat of the Chaos Gods there is nothing for her anymore. If he was to die then the world would have no more purpose to her, she has few other friends and nothing else worthy of accomplishing in her life. She lives entirely and forever in the hope of him leading her as he did all those years ago.

Magic: Christina is unique among the denizens of Albion; the only others who have power such as her are the other 6 heroes. While magic is adverse and change depending on a person’s emotions or actions Christina is an eternal hydromancer, queen of the waves. She has the potential to cause a tidal wave to wipe the entire continent however such an action of course would end her life do to such a huge exertion of pressure on her mortal form. As water particles are part of the atmosphere it is easy for her to take what little water she was to work with and simply make more, thus proving her magic to be usable anywhere at any time. However while these powers exist within her and have been used numerous times before Christina is a warrior at heart and prefers to use her rapier, Hydralye, in battle and will only resort to magic if it looks like she is going to lose.

Goals in Life: When she was younger Christina wished to be the chief of her tribe. However now that her village is buried under sand and water she has chosen to lead her life with the intention of defeating evil forever and staying at the side of she whom she is obsessed with. It is important to state here that while she may be obsessed with him nothing has been said from him that he returns these feelings, however an event is believed to have taken place the night he left which gives evidence and reason for the pursuit of her hero.

Motivation: Christina’s motivation is to survive long enough to see Sam once more. He is all that remains in her life since everything and everyone else has been killed or lost to her. If he was to die she wouldn’t know what to do and would most likely follow a journey of self destruction, killing as many on the imperials as she can until her death.

Three Wishes: Christina’s 3 Wishes are:
1.   For Sam to return to her one day and for them to live together forever
2.   For Tyranus’ corrupt activity to be found out and for his head to be placed on a pike outside the castle.
3.   For her to eventually redeem herself for the terrible actions committed in her youth such as resorting to unsavoury methods to make money to survive and burying her village under water and sand.

Misc.: N/A

Intro Post: Moonlight shone down from the starless sky as The Black Cat expertly navigated across the rooftops of the Imperial City’s barracks. He dark clothes and nature made her almost invisible to the patrolling watchmen as she made her way to an open window, lit by a small candle. She stopped for a second to catch her breath and examined the window ledge. Laying on it was a blue feather which was dangerously close to the edge. As The Black Cat neared the window the feather gently flew away, leaving the ledge bare. Looks I got here just in time. Christina jumped, soaring across the chasm beneath her and clutched desperately to the ledge and attempted to pull herself up. Stupid, Stupid, I knew I wouldn’t make that… why did I take it? Fortunately for her a man grabbed her arms and pulled her up into the room.
“Cat what were you doing? You could have died!” he whispered angrily, unable to raise his voice in case the other soldiers caught a scent of his midnight visitor.
“I’m fine Robert, honestly” She smiled, brushing the dust off her clothes she walked over to his desk and poured herself out a glass of wine.
“So how have you been my friend?” she asked. Her body’s position gently leant to one side, pushing her body forward at the same time. “Been busy?”
Robert ignored her attempt to distract him and pushed his blonde hair out of his face before replying.
“It’s been good cat, better without you but then again, it wasn’t much worse with you.” He commented reaching for his own glass and taking a sip, his eyes narrowed. The Black Cat saw she was losing ground and withdrew her body into a more aligned posture.
“Ever the joker little Robert aren’t you?” she replied, sarcasm dripping from each word. She turned back to his desk and helped herself to a small round biscuit, she pushed her veil aside to eat it and her attention had momentarily been taken away from her host. Both remained silent for a few minutes, the only noticeable sound was the occasional munch from The Black Cat.
“Listen cat, why did you come? You told me to arrange a meeting and I left you a signal to show it was safe, just as you said.” Robert finally burst out. He held no vendetta against her, despite her presence threatening his lives’ stability.
“I miss him Robert and you were the closest to him…” She confesses, a tear slowly drips down her face concealed by her mask.
“If that were true he would have contacted me Tina, he was closer to Abi anyway, it was obvious to everyone.” His reply was slow, each word was carefully followed by the next, and he knew she wouldn’t like his response.
The Black Cat turned to Robert and lifted her mask off her head. She closed her eyes to stop the tears. Why must she always interfere? Why would he prefer her to me?
 “It’s always going to be her he picks is it not? It will always be her, despite what he said to me, despite what we did…”
I will always be there for you Christina, you must merely look in your heart…
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