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Darkwood Academy OOC

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Author Topic: Darkwood Academy OOC  (Read 118 times)
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« on: April 04, 2009, 01:22:18 pm »

'Cause I screwed up horribly putting it on the Urealms forums.

Darkwood Academy

Long ago, the world was covered in darkness. Evil beings, demons, and creatures of the night ruled the land. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes were all enslaved. These people were forced to work, in order to continue the Darkness that was ever fading. A thousand years passed, and  the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes had begun to lose all hopes of freedom. Then, one day, a special Elf was born… his skin was pitch black, like the darkness, and he was agile, quick, and strong. His parents were scared, both of him and for him. He was raised like any child, except he was bitter at the beings of darkness. He hated them, and he hated the slavery. So one night, the brave Elf fled his labor camp, taking advantage of the darkness, as his adversaries had. As he left, he stole his slavemaster’s sword, vowing one day to return to this camp and free those enslaved there. And so a resistance began. Starting small, the young Elf freed prisoners from labor camps. Soon, he had companions from each race, whom he had freed. All of them were armed with an assortment of weapons, from the simple sword that the Elf carried, to a strange whip that a young Gnome boy carried. The four companions, then naming themselves Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Gnome, scoured the land. They started with easy targets. Small labor camps, military armories, and so on were raided. Over time the heroes’ numbers grew, as the freed more and more slaves. For a time, their raids went unnoticed. It was only when the heroes had amassed a small army had the leaders of the Darkness realized what was going on. At that point, it was too late for anyone to do anything. As the heroes overtook labor camps, the Darkness started to fade away. Horrified, the forces of Darkness attempted to stop the heroes. But the first task force they sent failed… it was destroyed in a matter of minutes. And so the heroes continued on their quest. Whenever they met opposition from the Darkness, they prevailed. Over time, the Darkness had receded to the point where there was more Light than Darkness upon the world. It was at that time that Elf, the leader of the Resistance, decided it was time to fulfill his oath. With his army in tow, the Elf journeyed to the place of his birth. There, there was a battle. Elf and his comrades fought against the slavemasters, overtook the labor camp, and freed the thousands of slaves imprisoned there. Invigorated by the win, and the subsequent surge in their ranks, the army proceeded to sweep across the world, until finally they reached the capital of the Darkness. Here, they met the leader of the Darkness himself, a man calling himself “Demon Lord”. The Demon Lord had amassed his own army around the capital, that rivaled the size of the Resistance. The final battle was at hand. In the final battle, Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Gnome fought against the Demon Lord. In the end, the heroes managed to lock the Demon Lord away, in the deepest depths of his own castle. It was then decided that the castle, along with the entire capital, would be left as a monument. The Demon Lord’s power kept this small part of the world shrouded in Darkness. In order to ensure that no one would find the capital, the four heroes decided to surround it with a thick forest. This forest would be called Darkwood. To further ensure that the Darkness would be locked away for ever, the four heroes built an Academy, a school for future warriors that would protect the world from Darkness. You are one of those future heroes. Welcome to Darkwood Academy. Welcome, to your Destiny.

Important Stuffs:
Character Bio Sheets:

General Info-
Character Name:
Race: (If it's something I wouldn't be expected to know at first glance, describe it.)

Skin Tone:
Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Personal Information-
Background: (Your character's family background, NOT their personal history.)

Character List:
Player Name/Character Name/Active
-Tyrael Cysic/Tirin - Active

-No Spamming
-No Flaming
-No Complaining
-No God-modding
-Follow what I say. My decisions are final.
-Follow what Thread Leaders say. Their decisions are final.

Thread Leaders:
Thread Leaders are people that I know have positive roleplaying experience, are good posters, and who follow the rules of the roleplay. They are in charge of enforcing the rules and accepting new players when I'm not around. They can also choose what activities the characters will do when I'm not around, as long as it's not a Saturday or Friday. There are currently no thread leaders.

History of Darkwood Academy (updated once per in-character month):
Month One: The Beginning
-Nothing important to the academy as a whole has really happened yet. Let's make this month a good one!

Places to Go and Things to Do:


School Grounds:
-1st Floor: Dining Hall, Main Hall, and Arena
-2nd Floor: Library
-3rd Floor: Dorms
-4th Floor: Classrooms
-5th Floor: Roof
-The Lake, a nice swimming hole and place to relax.
-The Forest, a good training area.
-The Restaurant, where food is!

Out of School Grounds:
-Dark Mountain: A mountain said to imprison several demons from the Times of Darkness.
-Darkwood: The forest concealing the Capital of Darkness.
-Demon Lord's Prison: A large maze with a cage in the middle that imprisons the Demon Lord.
-Village: A pleasant village to the east of Darkwood.

Feel free to post any sheets. Players from the Urealms thread, feel free to copy/paste them. Once the actual thread is up, post your entering the academy and such, as well as the people who already had characters posting their most recent actions.
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« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2009, 07:38:28 pm »

What this?
Could it be?
Yes... By golly it is!
A post by the rare and elusive.... Not to mention incredibly sexy Dr. Nog....
Oh... You thought that this would be a character sheet didn't you...
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« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2009, 08:43:23 pm »

[General Info]
Character Name:
Alyanna Yuki Reil.
Kitsune- what appears to be like a fox cross human. Usually they'll have fox ears, and a tail. Some can actually transform into foxes, but that is a gift given at a certain time.
Roughly around Twenty...
Class: Along the lines of a Rogue...
Powers: Stealth: With great speeds and skill can she easily creep around here and there. This also includes her jumping ability. When needed, she can even pull some of her mana and become partially translucent, making it even harder for her to be seen.
Beast Communication: Because of her being a partially fox, she had the ability from her race to understand the different animals. She can communicate with animals from the forest best, and finds animals outside the forest harder to speak with.
Daggers Mastery: Her main weapon she fights with are usually daggers, seeing as she uses more skill than brute strength to fight.
Ranged Mastery(?): She can wield a ranged weapon quite well, and has quite the aim! However, she isn't nearly good as others.

Roughly 130 lbs
Skin Tone:
A very light tan, but still has a pale tint towards it.
Hair Style:
She likes to wear her shoulder blade length hair in many ways. Mainly she has deep bangs, which end at her eyebrows. Whenever she is going out to train, she usually ties it back into a high pony-tail to keep it off her shoulders. When she is just hanging around she might either have it curly, or straight, depending on the day. Otherwise, she likes to mess around with her hair, and place it in many different styles.
Hair Color:
Aly's hair color is a deep, chocolate brown, with lighter brown streaks running through it.
Eye Color:
A normal color would be a soft violet. However, Aly's eyes change color with her mood, so it ranges quite often.
Aly usally goes training in tight fitting clothes. It's like an assassin suit she wears. A dark green mask hides from her nose down to her chin. Different spots on her suit does she have places to hide weapons. On a normal day, she would easily wear a classy top and maybe a skirt. She does like to have a hint of class to her, to show that she's not a complete beast, even though she can easily be one.
She has high cheekbones, and right below her left cheek bone she has a star shaped scar. Also, she is very thin. On her left ankle, she has a tattoo of a red rose.

[Personal Information]
Aly has a personality of wonders. She is very kind to everyone... who she can trust. Her mind is wicked and filled with different plots about how to pursue something. Aly is very sly, and works on her wits. This is easily shown to everyone through her little gestures or her jokes. At times she can be quite a flirt, but sometimes, she just uses this to her advantage. She is very headstrong and knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. She can be thrown off into a bad mood pretty easily, and does quite stressed with this. It's easy to tell whenever she's in a downer, by either just looking at her, or her eyes. Usually she's an easy person to get along with, however, that is if you can capture her trust first.
Slanted towards the good side. Because of her mind she is always pondering the facts of who's right and who's wrong, but right now she's good.
The generation of Reil's is as old as legend itself. They, along with many other family's of the kitsune race, had always lived in the forest of Darkwood. Easily had they made their life as good as it could be. It was when the four hero's came along did they have an issue. Because they were exiled from most of the world, they didn't know what was happening. After it being explained, they promised to help build the academy, and keep it safe and hidden from anyone of the 'darkness'. Years after years have the kin of the Reil's attended darkwood, all exceeding in their stealth like ways just so one day they could help hide the academy and fight in a war worth winning.
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« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2009, 08:57:31 pm »

General Info-
Character Name: Jever Garick
Race: Human
Age: 23
Powers/Class: Cryomancery - Jever had grown found of winter and the cold weather. His favorite older brother had taught him a few ice spells, before he had delved deeply into it.

Weak Pyromancery - Jever had originally decided to try pyromancery, before eventually burning his hand. Jever can still do small things like create a fire or warm a room.

Scythe Mastery - Jever has picked a giant scythe as his weapon and stuck with it. He has years of training with the scythe.

Height: 6'3"(Only giving a visual
Weight:215 lbs.
Skin Tone: Cream-white
Hair Style: Wavy hair down to his back.
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Apparel: Jever wears a black headband. He wears a light blue vest over top of a black shirt. He wore black gloves/sleeves that went up to his upper arms. He always wore long, black, baggy pants as they tucked into his black boots.

Personal Information-
Personality: Jever is always seen with a smug grin or a pleasant smile. Jever has a pleasant outlook on the bright side and tends to carry himself in a proud manner. During battle, he will smile or grin, trying to show no emotion but happiness to provoke the enemy. He doesn't seem to take the classes that seriously, unless it interests him. He may also be labeled as a flirt.
Alignment: Good
Background: The Garick family had always been a jack of all trades. Some of the men had chosen to become knights, others archers, other mages. Many of the men went to go to Darkwood academy under the idea of learning and an urge to.
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