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1  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 21, 2009, 08:37:10 pm
*whistles dixie while eating crackers and covering one eye*
2  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 10, 2009, 01:16:42 am

Risu stared at the robed man, and his expression briefly revealed the depth of his rage. But it was quickly smoothed into ice, and Risu's green eyes narrowed as he spoke bluntly. "You lie. Do you take me for a fool?" The contempt in his voice was withering. "No one alive has the system permissions to remove the restrictions without lobotomizing the AI. Which would lobotimize ME." Risu snorted. "If that's your friends plan, then I respectfully decline to have my brain melted."

He had no doubt whatsoever that that was precisely what would happen. His people didn't go in for fiction, so horror stories... weren't really stories.

The idea of replicating a heart intrigued him, but he wasn't about to reveal that to the other. He knew that outsiders referred to the 'heart' not as an organ, but some... emotional essence. It was one of the things his people didn't really believe in, and Risu wasn't sure he could replicate it. But he wasn't about to try for a lie.
3  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 08, 2009, 11:18:05 pm
"I am the best." Risu said without any trace of arrogance. It was simply a fact. Almost all the creative, technical innovations of his generation bore his namestamp. "I'm surprised that he is aware of that. My achievements have not been noted." They were in his personnel file, but that was not a plus. His superiors were either envious or threatened by his achievements, and they actually made him more suspect to the mental health authorities. Creativity was not valued or rewarded, and was a pittance compared to social reliability. Creative genuises were considered mavericks that had to be closely watched... which was somewhat fair, Risu had to admit. He was certainly a maverick.

"What machine does he have in mind?" Risu smiled then, as cold as the aura radiating from him. "And what's in it for me?" If the robed man could truly see Risu's heart, he would see a heart that was powerful but grown cold and scarred, with a flickering rage deep within like condensced, distilled darkness. Most hearts could not have bourne that poison, but Risu never noticed it.

It was just who he was.
4  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 08, 2009, 09:49:17 pm

Risu looked around slowly, taking his time. He had not expected to awaken. He had, in fact, expected to die, his body crushed into nothingness in the Maelstrom. He had hoped it would be relatively painless but hadn't expected it. No one knew exactly what happened to a person that fell into the void.

So this room was... unexpected. He didn't believe in the afterlife but if he did, he couldn't imagine it being a rather well-appointed room. Certainly not one with books.

Risu's gaze fixed on the books for a moment, and a bitter smile played across his lips. The titles were enough to tell him they would have been banned in his world. He had owned a book once, as a child... it had been taken away and destroyed by his mother. Otherwise, he wouldn't have even recognized the books for what they were. All approved records were stored electronically on his world.

So he was most likely not in his world at all. That was interesting, to say the least. He had always wanted books.

Risu then turned his attention to the man, examining methodically. The youth of his voice meant less than nothing... people could live forever, although none ever did. But he couldn't see any of the subtle signs that would have given him a rough grasp of age. The robe was part of the problem, but not all of it. Risu frowned as his machine telepathy and some other, less defined thing registered the aura. It was uncomfortable, and Risu felt something inside himself react, radiating a bitter cold. Risu winced, pressing a hand to his chest for a moment. The cold was not just an aura, it was physical, and his breath suddenly steamed in the air.

"Who are you?" Risu said, looking at the man. His only guess was that he wanted something built... or designed. If it was the latter, Risu was surprised by the man's perspicacity.  Very few technicians could make original designs. Risu was one of those few. "What do you want from me?" He waited for the reply, trying to ignore the chill in the air and idly wondered how he could stop that. The cold seemed to come from him.
5  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 07, 2009, 06:34:43 pm
Okay, since you asked for it, here's a bit of info on Risu's worlds!

For starters, there's three of them and a major outpost/mining centre over the Maelstrom. Risu's people are hyper advanced technologically, and long ago learned how to artificially create a material that can be used to punch through the barriers between worlds. While it can be made completely artificially, it can also be mined from the Maelstrom, hence the outpost there. When this discovery was first made the population of the initial world was close to unacceptable, and they saw no reason not to expand into several nearby worlds. This happened so long ago that the exact details of who the original inhabitants were and what happened to them are completely lost. No one even remembers which world was the original one.  They are now referred to as Glory, Harmony and Reason.

Considering their current state, the names are somewhat ironic. Long after the two extra world were colonized, Risu's people went through some violent civil wars. The end result was the institution of a special AI system, backed by nanites. The nanites had existed for some time and had given Risu's people long lives, greater strength, agility and the ability to heal extremely quickly. But now they were put to a more sinister purpose. They were used to prohibit violence. The rational behind this was that since we do not have a right to harm someone else, prohibiting anti-social acts could only be a good thing. Also, many other acts were prohibited, such as stealing from a citizen, etc. Also, a caste system was implimented. Each level has slightly different limits to their actions, and different access to the nanite/AI systems.

Theoretically, there should have been a 'ruling' class who determined all the limits of the AI functions. But there is not. No one currently alive has the authority to change the AI systems at their most fundamental levels.

For our purposes, Risu's worlds are most unpleasant. People are being constantly monitored everyone outside of their private quarters. Fiction that is not based on fact is illegal, and all entertainments must be approved. Poor attitudes towards social roles can result in penalization or, at the worst, reorientation. Risu has been close to that a time or two, but managed to skate by. The cities themselves are beautiful, often built high above the ground with flowing walkways and amazing technologies, but they conceal a deep rot within. While the technology is amazing, it has been a long time since there were any great advances, and the population continues to decrease. When the AI system was first implimented, the average lifespan was almost 500 years. Now it is down to 200, because while the AI prohibits suicide it cannot prevent a kind of passive suicide. While the population is still in the billions, it is half what it was when the AI's were first introduced.

If we wanted to visit these worlds, a lot of magic would have to be involved. Risu's people don't believe in or use magic, so their systems are curiously open to it. False backgrounds would be necessary... visitors from other worlds are only permitted at the outpost otherwise.
6  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 05, 2009, 08:48:23 pm
We're supposed to submit our worlds? I have no objection, but I can't imagine we'd be visiting Risu's worlds. They're pretty unpleasant...  Grin
7  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: April 25, 2009, 07:18:03 pm
Name: Risu

Sex: Male

Age: 43

Keyblade: When he gets it, it will be the Photon Debugger

Drive Forms: (leave this empty for now)

Appearance: Risu appears to be a young man with silver hair and green eyes. Heís extremely muscular but wiry, not bulky. He typically wears a jumpsuit with numerous pockets to hold his equipment when heís working. He had black goggles that he wears while working, and other times he keeps pushed up onto his forehead.

Personality: Risu is not a terribly pleasant person. He is cold and analytical, and prizes logic above all else. He has an explosive temper that he has no choice but to control carefully, and is very frustrated as a result. He works out a great deal of hostile energy through exercise. He can, however, be a very loyal friend to those who earn his friendship.

Personal History: Risu comes from a hyper-advanced set of worlds. He was born into a manual labor caste family and was assigned that role as a child. Determined to break out of that caste, he self-taught himself how to be a technician and was accepted to the Demirene caste. Unfortunately, he has failed many citizen wellness tests due to his temper and negativity, putting a halt to any advancement and causing social problems for him. Essentially, he is very alienated from his own society and hates his place in it.

Significant Other: None

Education: Self-taught

Occupation: Demirene Technician, class 3

Morality: Risu is conditioned to act in a socially acceptable fashion. This isnít possible for him to go against, but even if he could he wouldnít kill the innocent. However, he has no compunctions about lying and manipulating to get what he wants. Of course, due to the conditioning that is often the only thing he can do.

Interests/Hobbies: Cooking

Habits: Risu is extremely logical and methodical in everything he does. Heís definitely the kind of person to measure before he cuts.

Likes: Cats

Dislikes: Dogs

Fears/Phobias: Itís not exactly a fear or phobia, but Risu is conditioned to act in a socially acceptable fashion. He literally cannot strike out at someone. He can defend himself, but thatís all. If he tries to do something else socially unacceptable or even thinks about it too hard, his AI system can induce nausea, cramps and diarrhea. This is a purely physical reaction but it is a very effective deterrent.

Talents: Risu is a machine telepath who can fix any machine regardless of technical level. Heís also good at driving and using machines.

Goals in Life: To remove his conditioning. Failing that, to be his own boss. Failing thatÖ to have good food, a good place to live and some friends. Preferably at least one of the intimate variety.

Motivation: Same as goals

Three Wishes: To remove his conditioning, be his own boss and find someone to care for.

Misc.: Risu has nanite systems that heal injuries almost instantly. And the feeling of pain along with flesh mending is pleasant to him. The nanites are also why he still appears young. His people can live for hundreds of years, although they rarely do.

Intro Post:

Risu frowned as he stepped out of the lift. It had been a long shift, and he was tired, but there was still one task remaining.

He carefully suited up in a padded suit of armor, and checked all the clamps meticulously before putting on his helmet. It clamped into place easily, and the HUD display lit up. Normally, he didnít need all this, but today was an exception.

The walkway he needed to reach was exposed to the unstable elements of the void of strife. Risu paused as he walked on the thin, flexible steel and began setting up his lifeline. He did that with the same meticulous care he had given his armor. The last thing he wanted was to fall in the void.

He worked and lived at a way station. It sat over a maelstrom that was not real enough to be a world, but not unreal enough to part of the darkness. No one had really explained how it could exist, but the general theory was that it was a matter sink. That somehow, pieces of worlds occasionally broke off and needed to be recycled, and this was the place.

Whatever the truth was, though, didnít really matter. In this place that straddled the line between real and unreal, his people mined the volatile elements that could be smelted and alloyed into the fabric of their ships. Those ships could punch through the barriers between worlds, although at ruinous energy expense. So this place also served as a way station to recharge those ships before they continued their journeys. Risu glanced down at the docking centre, and saw it was full. Things had been busy lately, for some reason, although it was a fair bet that at least half of the ships were carrying Ďfillerí goods. If you wanted to take items from one world to another, the exact mass of what you took needed to be replaced or instability was generated. So much of the traffic was simply replacing more valuable commodities.

Risu turned his gaze away and began repairing the sensor array. It had been damaged just yesterday. Not surprising, even with the force fields they used to keep everything functioning. Several agitating agents were watching him slyly in the distance. They livedÖ no, they existed here. Strange creatures of darkness, Risu had heard that worlds with a more poetic flair for words referred to them as Heartless. But naturally, given that it was poetic and creative, the word had been banned from acceptable speech patterns.

Risu didnít fear them, but he didnít underestimate them either. He had never seen it, but had heard stories of what they could do and didnít doubt them in the least. Fiction was outlawed in his world, which had the upside of ensuring that painted with blood was not an exaggeration.

Risu suddenly stopped working, and glanced around. There was something watching him, something beyond the agitating agents. He turned slowly in a circle. His instincts were based in his telepathic ability, and while it was more oriented towards machines than people, he trusted those instincts completely.

Still, the figure in a black robe came as a shock. It was standing directly behind him, blocking his way back to the rest of the station, and Risu tensed.

My, this is a strange place you have here. The black robe seemed to be breaking up around the edges, and Risu wasnít surprised. The maelstrom below him exerted an inexortable pull on all matter that wasnít somehow protected. I need you, but I really donít have time to explain. Sorry. Risu blinked, then started forward as the dark figure swung a blade at the walkway.

It should have been ridiculous. NoÖ sword could penetrate the future alloys the walkway was made from. It required special tools to even shape. But his instincts screamed a warning and Risu obeyed, trying to vault past the figure.

But he was too late, too slow, and the walkway shattered like broken crystal beneath the blow. The sensor array and helpless technician floated off into the void, then down towards the maelstrom. The agitating agents darted around, confused, seemingly unable to find him.

ďRisu! Whatís going on? All the sensors just went mad! Are you-ď Risu shut off his earbug. He didnít want to listen to idiocy for the last moments of his life. Although he did idly wonder how his supervisor would explain the loss of the sensor array. It was vastly more expensive to replace than a mere technician.

Then everything went black.
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