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1  Roleplaying / OOC's / Re: And the Hero Will Drown (OOC) on: May 15, 2009, 09:56:58 pm
Matt damn it, Pony!

JOE AND SPIFF LIED TO ME. D: Said they'd post by tonight, so I was waiting for them. Sorry.
2  Roleplaying / OOC's / Re: And the Hero Will Drown (OOC) on: May 14, 2009, 05:52:53 am
I plan on pulling an all-nighter on Friday, just cause. I'll probably end up getting bored during that time and hopefully I'll work on my sheet then. I just can't seem to get myself motivated to work on it for some reason.

Sounds good.

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days all, been busy. I'll get one up tonight for sure.
3  Basic Suches / Introductions! / Re: Hello Blindrunners! on: May 10, 2009, 07:19:02 pm
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIII JOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEE!!!! Yeah, Dr. Leman scares the living **** outta me. Math sucks Joe Keim's nonexistent balls.
4  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 09, 2009, 10:24:11 pm
"In exchange for the removal of your nanite conditioning," the robed man said slowly, pausing momentarily to read Risu's expression after the words left his lips, "he wants you to build a device that will replicate my heart indefinitely. This library is a bottomless fountain of knowledge pertaining to the heart and every imaginable aspect of it, and its lowest floor also serves as your workspace. Any tools and equipment you need will be provided, as well as food and a place to sleep. All he asks is that you don't question his desire for such a machine, but that shouldn't be much a problem, seeing as I don't exactly know, myself."


"Fear is far stronger than hate, Tina," Robert said darkly and eerily quietly, his gaze momentarily shifting to the far side of the room. "You of all people should know that. These aren't exactly the safest times for the kingdom, and something.... big has come up. Bigger than the Chaos Deities, some would argue-- I would be one of them. Albion has never seen half such Darkness. Tyranus isn't requesting your assistance, Tina-- he's begging for it. He's begging for all of us."
5  Roleplaying / OOC's / Re: And the Hero Will Drown (OOC) on: May 08, 2009, 10:09:53 pm
Oh, right. Forgot about that. bandanana and Stealthy's sheets aren't done; I'll work them into the game when they finish, assuming their sheets are good enough. Your sheet, though, Eggy, was... meh. Sorry, just how it is. Your character was pretty weak to be honest, and it didn't look like you put all that much effort into your intro post. If you still wanna play, PM me and I'll help you fix things up a bit so maybe you can make it in a bit later on in the game. 'kay?
6  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 08, 2009, 10:05:09 pm
Ignoring Risu's first question and continuing to stare at the ground, the robed man replied slowly: "What I want from you? No. I only want one thing, and you certainly can't give it to me. What he wants, on the other hand," failing to mention who 'he' was, "is for you to design and construct a... unique machine. He says you've got a knack for things like that." The man turned his head to stare directly at Risu, and although his eyes were shrouded by an impossibly dark shadow cast by the hood, Risu could still feel the burning of the man's glare in his chest, as if he was staring straight into his soul- or, rather, his heart. "Risu..." the man said slowly, putting unnecessary stress on both syllables. "Hmph."
7  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 08, 2009, 09:19:15 pm
"Alex..." was all the boy whispered, barely audibly. His eyes remained shut, his breathing seemingly normal. Not being a doctor of any kind, Tirin couldn't diagnose the boy of anything but extreme tiredness. The boy's left hand gradually made its way to lay on his chest just above his heart, and his fingers clenched in a loose fist.
8  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 08, 2009, 08:50:51 pm
Propped against the back of the dumpster, barely conscious, sat a boy of, as Tirin had predicted, roughly fourteen. His long, brown hair was swept across his forehead to his left, leaving no part, and mildly spiking out around his left eye. He wore a gray t-shirt with a white circle emblem with an upwards-facing arrow inside it on the left shoulder, the word "ELEMENT" curiously spelled out below the circle in capital letters. The boy's blue jeans were torn slightly on one knee, a tiny trickle of blood flowing from the wound, although other than that, the boy appeared mostly unscathed. Another quiet, agonizing  moan escaped the boy's lips as he stirred and shifted slightly, his head rolling to the left, eyelids briefly squeezing shut as he did so.
9  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 08, 2009, 08:27:15 pm
Act I

((From his point forward, please use the OOC thread for out-of-character comments. That's what it was made. If absolutely necessary, you can post OOC in this thread, but only in a double-set of parentheses, like I'm doing now. Thanks!))

Robert neglected to answer. “It's good you dropped by, actually,” he said darkly, changing the subject. “I met with King Tyranus this morning- the old bastard still stands strong. He wants to meet us all, the Seven Heroes of Albion, or whatever the hell it is they call us nowadays. Save for Sam, of course."

Reading the shocked and confused expression on Christina’s face, he added, "He says he'll give you back your freedom- remove the bounty- if you comply. I would, if I were you. Your so-called ‘heroing’ will be made that much easier once you’re not wanted as a criminal. Hell, maybe you can even score a coin or two off it. Whatever higher power there is knows you could use it, and so do you.”


“Awaken,” said a voice, cool and smooth, echoing a thousand times over within Risu’s head, each echo blending into the previous so that before long the noise became one continuous hum. The man struggled to pull open eyelids sewn shut with tiredness, finding himself lying atop a neatly-made bed in the center of a green-carpeted room. Dozens upon dozens of polished wooden bookshelves were scattered throughout the room, each housing hundreds of massive volumes with impressive titles, such as “The Beast Within: A Study of the Nature of the Heart” and “Born of Darkness: An Examination of the Creation of the Heart.”

Leaning against one such bookshelf was the black robed man from the station, completely immobile. The elaborate sword which he wielded during Risu’s previous encounter with him was nowhere to be seen; this detail was likely for the better. “Hello, Risu,” he spoke, without shifting his gaze from the particular patch of carpet just before his feet. His voice was calm and smooth, chillingly so. It was that of a young man’s, in his mid-twenties at the absolute oldest, but Risu knew that meant not a thing.

A strange aura seemed to flow off of the figure and into Risu’s heart, confused and angry. Intensely light, but with the faintest hint of darkness at its core- Risu could feel it, as though it were some tangible force just floating there between them.


The sudden chill and wetness that overcame Jeff was unpleasant, to say the least.

“Ungh…” he moaned involuntarily, his entire body sore, as if he had just fallen from some great height. None of his bones felt fractured or broken, however. Opening his eyes, he found himself sitting in a gray brick fountain in the center of a bare, Victorian-esque town square, the surrounding buildings painted a dark shade of orange that would look disgusting anywhere else, but seemed perfectly in place here. The moon hung brightly in the black sky above him, one of the stars to its immediate left blinking out of existence just as Jeff looked up at it. Wherever the hell he was, the place had a strange feel to it; not quite Earthly, yet strangely familiar.

Homey, almost.


“Hello…?” asked a voice, innocent and feminine. Young. Joe pulled his eyes open and the image of a beautiful blonde girl maybe a year older than himself blurred before him before focusing with alarming clarity. Joe’s vision had always been 20/20 perfect, but this was… insane. He could see everything; every individual hair on the girl’s head, every eyelash- even a tiny speck of dirt no larger than a needle head that rested on the side of her nose. Her deep blue eyes scanned him upside down in relief, but a confused relief at that; she looked at him as if she had never seen a human being before, despite her being one herself, intrigued.

“Oh, good, you’re awake,” she smiled, her eyes never ceasing to flick up and down over his body, oh so slightly. But not too slightly to go unnoticed by Joe. “Uhh, I’m Naomi,” she said awkwardly. The faintest hint of pink touched her cheeks. “Are you okay? You were passed out in the middle of the Second District, so I brought you to my house until you woke up…”

Joe noticed for the first time that he was laying atop a neatly made queen-sized bed, near-spotless white sheets draped over them. He didn’t doubt they were spotless prior to his lying there, seeing as she said he was passed out in the middle of the street and consequently probably not the cleanest person in the world. The room was relatively small, maybe fourteen-by-ten, with a polished hardwood floor and white walls, various posters depicting bands Joe had never heard of plastered over them. The girl herself was dressed in a tight pink shirt that showed off her shapely figure and far-too-short jeans that barely covered her upper legs, which were smooth as glass.

“Here, let me get you something to drink,” she offered, speaking quickly and nervously, dashing out of the room before Joe could object, even had he wanted to; he was parched. Where the hell was he?


The smell of blood on steel drew a wicked grin to Tirin’s lips, another body falling limp from his blade and cracking its skull against the concrete ground. Blood spilled from a gaping wound in the formerly wanna-be gangster’s chest, ran a short distance, and assimilated itself into the red pool of liquid death surrounding the small pile of corpses resting before a large green dumpster in the alleyway.

A cool breeze blowing down the alley ruffled the man’s hair, and he closed his eyes, taking in the serenity of the silence. A million images danced past his closed eyelids of the power he knew he would someday possess once he achieved godhood, each a million times more exciting and pleasurable than the previous. A disoriented moan came from behind him, but he passed this off as merely a product of his imagination and integrated it into his daydream in the dirtiest way he could fathom.

Until it sounded again, louder and obviously in pain.

It was a male voice, for one thing, completely turning him off of perhaps his favorite daydream yet, and it belonged to someone young, perhaps as young as Tirin himself appeared; fourteen-ish. It came from behind the dumpster, thoroughly confusing the man; he had chased his latest kill around the dumpster not five minutes before, and no one else was behind it- how could anyone have gotten back there since without his knowing?
10  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 08, 2009, 02:37:56 pm
Note that Shadowbolt's sheet follows a different format from all of yours, and his Keyblade is one that I specifically placed on an "off-limits" list. Just so there's no confusion, he had special permission to re-post his Kingdom Hearts: All's End sheet and use one of the Kingdom Keys. He is not breaking any rules, thanks for your concern.
11  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 06, 2009, 06:43:01 am
We're supposed to submit our worlds? I have no objection, but I can't imagine we'd be visiting Risu's worlds. They're pretty unpleasant...  Grin

You don't have to submit a ton of info on 'em, just some basic stuff. You never know, we might end up there eventually.
12  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 04, 2009, 02:29:54 pm
But Andrew I'm bored!!!!!

Shadowbolt's joining with a slightly-modified version of his All's End sheet. I don't see too much of a problem in having bandanana start a page or two late, plot-wise, so I'll finish the intro post now.
13  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: May 04, 2009, 04:23:08 am
I wish he could just hurry up and start, I mean none of us are starting at the same place so we can all join in at different times...

Waiting for the two half-done sheets on here and until I can talk to Shadowbolt at school today about his changing his mind about whether or not he's interested every five minutes. And assume nothing about the beginning, I can't start without all of you for a reason.
14  Roleplaying / OOC's / Re: And the Hero Will Drown (OOC) on: May 01, 2009, 03:09:47 pm
When do we have to finish our sheets?

Tomorrow at the latest.

Can worlds be submitted later?

Not if your character hails from it, sorry. Seeing as (most of) you will be starting the game on your home World, I'll need the info on them right from the start.
15  Roleplaying / Roleplays / Re: And the Hero Will Drown -Kingdom Hearts- on: April 30, 2009, 01:32:38 pm
Reposted with some epic updates, because I finally got over my laziness and decided I care.

Name: Andrew Rogers

Sex: male

Age: 14

Keyblade: Forward Unto Dawn (see avatar; created by deviantART's PhoenixTrooper:

Drive Forms: N/A

Appearance: Andrew is a Caucasian male who stands just over five feet tall, weighing in at a startlingly light 113 pounds. He has long, dark brown hair, which is swept across his forehead to the left, leaving no part. His hair falls just above his eyes when worn in such a manner, as it always is, casting a faint shadow over them and occasionally spiking outward slightly around his right eye in the coolest way possible. His eyes are such a dark brown that they are sometimes mistaken for being black, a trait that he has been complimented on many a time by his female friends, notably Alex. His wardrobe usually consists of an Element t-shirt (usually black or gray), blue jeans, and white DC sneakers.

Personality: Formerly a very shy person, Andrew has recently developed an outgoing and very attractive personality, making him impossible not to get along with unless he's the one who has a problem with you in the first place. He loves cracking jokes, which almost always land perfectly, and has been called "Lord of 'That's What She Saids'" by two of his friends. Sarcasm finds itself in constant use by the boy for its humorous effect, although at heart he is a kind, caring person.

Personal History: One could say that Andrew was spoiled in growing up; he was given nearly everything he asked for, and wasn’t forced to participate in activities such as sports when he showed no interest (which he now regrets… stupid gym class!). Video games and cartoons played a major role in the boy’s life until roughly age twelve, when he dropped the cartoons for more “mature” television shows, such as Heroes on NBC, and began playing video games with more complex mechanics and deeper plots. He found that making friends came easily for him- he even made friends with several kids that once bullied him, albeit through... “undesirable” means. After making an enemy out of a once-friend (as if that could describe the horrible event!) in order to become “cooler” (which did, in fact, work), he swore that he would develop an empathy for even the most disgusting and emotionally disturbed people, so as to avoid another “accident.” He does not regret losing this friend, although he does regret the means by which he did so.

Significant Other: Although he currently has no girlfriend, Andrew has fallen completely in love with Alexandra Fiandaca, one of his best friends. She doesn't return his feelings, but that does nothing to change the fact that he would do literally anything for her, including kill or die, in a heartbeat.

Education: Andrew currently attends Reynolds Middle School, alongside Alex and his other friends. He participates in the “ALPS” Enriched Language Arts program, as well as takes the Algebra course a year early, as a part of the Enriched Math program at his school. Despite taking these more advanced classes, Andrew is far from nerdy. He often questions whether or not he belongs in the advanced placement math course.

Occupation: Seeing as he's only fourteen and a job at such a young age is not only optional but would require his input of time and effort, Andrew is currently unemployed.

Morality: Andrew acts only in the best interest of himself and Alex, willing to do anything for her, whether or not he personally believes it morally acceptable or right. When presented with a situation that has little effect on him or the girl, however, he tries to act on a good moral code and benefit as many people as possible.

Interests/Hobbies: Writing fictional stories, jamming on his electric guitar, hanging with friends, and slaughtering Organization XIII for the umpteenth time on Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories or Kingdom Hearts II are three of Andrew's favorite pastimes. Friday nights on which his friends are too busy to hang out are usually spent running through The Castle That Never Was on a KH2 file saved just before the entrance, which is never saved over so that he can replay the World whenever he desires to do so. When it comes to playing guitar, although he's not the worst player in the world, he is considerably less skilled than some of his other friends, most of whom have been playing for much longer than he. "Town Called Hypocrisy" by Lostprophets is one of his favorite songs to play, its upbeat and highly addictive chord progressions never failing to put him in a good mood.

Habits: Although not so much a habit, Andrew is practically addicted to text messaging and blasting his iPod. It's rare to see him "unplugged" outside of the classroom.

Likes: Alex, music, video games, texting, writing

Dislikes: Tyler McKeen, Joseph Keim, rap, nerds, jocks, people who think they know everything/are better than everyone

Fears/Phobias: Andrew only has three true fears in life: losing Alex, the concept of "forever," and the idea of becoming paralyzed. Losing Alex would be, in his mind, the worst thing that could happen to him; ask him why, and he'd respond that she's just too.... perfect. Maybe not by definition- no one is- but perfect for him. And so, naturally, fate being the motherfucker it tends to be, the second worst thing to losing her is due to become a reality in the second week of July; she's moving across the country to Arizona. This ties in to his second large fear, the concept of "forever," in that he fears that while he and she will undoubtedly stay in contact via text and instant messaging for the first few months at least, in all probability that won't last long and he'll never see her again. Not that "forever" didn't scare him prior to his falling for Alex, however; the idea of no end- of infinity-has made his head spin for years.
He also is one of the many people who consider total paralysis a far worse fate than death; the idea of being able to see, to hear, to smell, to breathe, but unable to move or speak, is as scary a thought as any. It would be like being confined to a prison within your own body, lacking all control whatsoever with no hope of ever regaining it. Got an itch? Oh well. Gotta ****? (Or, worse yet, gotta crap?) Too **** bad.

Talents: Andrew has been called a, quote unquote, **** amazing writer. He concurs.

Goals in Life:
  • To, someday, hopefully end up with Alex.
  • To become either a famous writer or a screenwriter for some hit TV show.

Motivation: Andrew's love for Alex and his own best interests are the driving forces behind practically all of his important decisions.

Three Wishes:
  • That he and Alex will, eventually, end up together. Happily.
  • Time manipulation. Oh, what fun would be had...
  • That his singing voice wasn't the piece of **** it is now, and was actually good.

Misc.: (to be added at some point before the RP starts, assuming I think of anything)

Intro Post:


“**** it…” Andrew moaned in pain, dragging himself out of bed and across the room, clutching head with his left hand. It had been exactly one week since she left, and every day the pain seemed to at least double, usually triple… or worse. The headache, the heartache… Oh, the heartache. It felt as if the boy’s heart itself was dissolving within him, ever so slowly, yet oh so quickly and painfully. Why did she have to go? he thought, slamming him hand down on the “OFF” button of his alarm. Why the **** did she have to go?

Forcing himself into an outfit more suitable for school than simply a pair of black boxer shorts, Andrew tried everything to advert his attention from the thought of Alex. Unfortunately, trying not to think about something- or, as in this case, someone- in particular accomplishes nothing other than thinking even more about them. Like telling someone not to think about a purple elephant. Popping in his earbuds and tiredly scrolling past several popular (and several relatively unknown) artists on his iPod nano, affectionately named “The Old New Nano,” due to its still being a relatively new model of the nano, although not the newest, he finally settled on Lostprophets, a favorite band of his.

Backpack fully packed and slung awkwardly over his right shoulder, the fourteen-year-old trudged down the stairs, every step as if through hell, knowing that today was one of his final days where he could go to school and expect to see Alex. Arizona, he thought, thoroughly confused. Why the hell there? Out of all the places to go, why the **** pick Arizona?

Hell, why go at all?

Setting his backpack down against the white front door, the paint of which was beginning to crack and peel in one or two visible places, Andrew made his way to the kitchen, yawning as he flicked on the light. From the refrigerator, he retrieved a Snapple Apple, although he wasn’t really in the mood for a drink at the moment. He was never in the mood for a drink anymore.

Sipping at the red liquid, he walked through the doorframe, oddly yet conveniently lacking any form of door whatsoever, to the room that, while called the dining room, rarely was in fact used for dining. He pressed the small circular button on the side of the laptop that rested on the wooden table that took up a majority of the room and took a seat in the wooden chair placed before it, watching silently as the black screen flashed to life, displaying for him five options to choose from; five names, one of which was his own, a small icon displayed next to each, particularly the helix symbol that was seen so frequently on Heroes, an ex-favorite TV show of his, as his own. He clicked the S-like symbol with no hesitation whatsoever, scarcely blinking as the screen transformed into the silhouette of Sora, the main character of the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise, which served as his wallpaper.

Double-click the Mozilla FireFox icon. Watch the white-colored homepage pop up, a simple design of a red fox and the Earth displayed next to a search bar at its center. Click the deviantART link to “Venthus’s” page on the “Favorites” bar just below the url. Minimize the page. Open AIM. Username: PresetFatality. Password: ********. Check Buddy List. Online: “ColorMeToxic xXx”, "JIFFIEMIX72" and “themightytruk.” Maximize Internet.

The white arrow of a mouse cursor glided smoothly across the gray page, coming to a rest hovering just above a button labeled “Statistics.” Andrew clicked it. Another jerk of his hand and the cursor found itself hovering above another button, made available by clicking “Statistics,” this one labeled “More Stats.” He clicked this as well, and frowned at his lack of having picked up any more favorites or comments on his work overnight.

With a tired yawn and wondering why the hell he got up this early, Andrew closed out the internet and opened Microsoft Word 2007, not exactly eager to finish another chapter of “Venthus: Arcanum” alone, but more or less prepared to do so. He had fans, after all. Best not to keep them waiting longer than necessary.

He found himself almost praying for an excuse to step away from the computer for a few minutes by the time he had written a mere three paragraphs. It wasn’t that he didn’t like writing- quite the opposite- but rather that writing seemed to be all he’d done lately. He hadn’t even spared his Xbox360 or PlayStation 2 so much as a glance in the past three weeks, and hadn’t played them in a good five or six.

Which was when he saw the light.

It was a mere brief flash of light, illuminating the back of the room on the other side of the kitchen, but it was unmistakably a flash of light that should not have been. Not when Andrew was the only one awake, not at 5AM.

Naturally, this phenomenon piqued Andrew’s curiosity, and he found himself halfway across the kitchen before he even realized he had stood up. Of course, he was much too lazy to turn back now that he was nearly there, and thus lazily popped his head around the corner to peer into the family room and humor himself with the nonexistent light that he had imagined.

Instead, he almost **** himself.

There, sitting atop a red, plastic chair much too small for even a ten-year-old, PS2 controller in hand, sat a man clad in the same black robes identifiable as Organization XIII’s from Andrew’s favorite game. On the television screen, Wisdom Form Sora Dashed clear away from a deadly lance attack by Xaldin, picking up a Jump reaction command, loading his counter to 9.










The screen blurred, Xaldin crying out in agony as he fell to Sora’s Kingdom Key. A pop-up notified the robed man that he had just obtained a Magnet Element. “Cute game ya’ got here, kid,” the man spoke, his a touch of humor in his voice. “Really does the Secret justice, it does.”

Andrew was at a loss for words.

“Tell me,” the man said, wasting no time in cutting to the chase, “what would you say if I told you that the Keyblades and Heartless and Nobodies of Kingdom Hearts are no less real than you or I?”

Andrew was silent.

“Yes,” the man went on, “indeed they are. Which is why I have come to you. Someone, you see, has been unlocking the Worlds, exposing their hearts to whatever might stumble across them. Under normal circumstances, this would pose no problem, except for the fact that the Door to Darkness, too, was unlocked mere hours ago, and a Heartless horde has been continuously pouring out ever since, showing no signs of slowing.”

“Of course they are,” Andrew sighed sarcastically, scared shitless but unwilling to show his fear to… whoever the hell this guy was.

“The Keyblades of the Realms of Light and Darkness have already chosen their masters, and quite capable masters they are, but I fear many Worlds will perish if the two go about their business trying to restore order alone. They are two deeply flawed individuals, and personal reasons as well as their lack of understanding their job will make it a difficult transition into their new lives as guardians of the Worlds.

“I simply need you to go out into the universe yourself and seal the Worlds they do not. Tidy up after the pair, if you will.”

“Right,” Andrew laughed. “And if I don’t?”

“Then your Earth itself will fall to their incapable hearts; the darkness will overwhelm it, and all shall be lost in a matter of days. It’s how things work. You have little choice if you are to save the ones you love.”

“Okay. I’ll bite. What about the Door to Darkness, then? I gotta seal that, too, to keep the Heartless out?”

“No. Fate shall choose the warriors whose unfortunate destiny that is. Fate has no say in the power I give you.”

“I see.”

The robed man nodded.

Without warning, the shadows of the room cast by the television’s glow against the furniture began to dance to life, yellow orbs of eyes manifesting on the materializing faces of feral-looking entities composed of pure blackness. Neoshadows. Andrew’s jaw slipped open, his eyes widening in horrified yet excited disbelief at the sight of the creatures.

He snapped his head in the direction of the robed man, but instead found himself falling backwards, sinking through the floor itself, shadowy tendrils flying up around him in all directions and wrapping themselves around his body, only tightening and pulling him deeper and deeper into a pool of liquid darkness as he struggled.

A sudden jolt in his heart forced an agonic scream from his mouth, and he could have sworn that he saw a green spark dance across his chest for the briefest of moments. “No!” he roared, panicked and pissed as **** at the robed man who was responsible for this. His eyelids sagged and breathing slowed, senses merging into a blurry mess. With whatever strength he had left in him, he made his presumably last thought audible, albeit only as a faint whisper, as the shadows overtook him: “Alex…
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